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Property Management


Nimble Property


Nimble always adheres to the philosophy of “Build a dream home, Make a better life” and pays great importance to  creating warm and comfortable communities for proprietors. Therefore, it also strives for a perfect performance in property management and service, which is achieved by selecting the well-known property companies to work with. It hires many professional property companies such as Guangzhou Wanquan Property Management Co. and Guangzhou Qunli Property Management Co. to provide specialized and standardized management and services to its proprietors.  

Guangzhou Wanquan Property Management Co., Ltd. was established in March 2003 and has the titles of National Property Management Level Ⅱ Aptitude Enterprise and Guangzhou Property Management Industry Association Member. Over 1000 registered employees are specialized with related credentials. Since its establishment, Wanquan unswervingly conforms to the service principle of “Commitment, Devotion, Perfection and Excellence”. With the innovative and practical expertise and strong sense of corporate social responsibility, it has developed into a professional and quality property management company. Currently, Wanquan provides managing services to a number of Nimble properties, including Splendid Silver Bay, Splendid Peninsular, Splendid New Town, Splendid Business and Trade Building, Splendid Huating Garden, Splendid Lianhe Business Building, Splendid Sunshine Garden, Splendid Gulf City. Splendid Silver Bay won the title of “Guangzhou Property Management Demonstration Community” and “Guangdong Property Management Demonstration Community” in 2008 and 2009 respectively. Splendid Peninsular is rewarded with “Guangzhou Property Management Demonstration Community” in 2010.

Guangzhou Qunli Property Management Company was established in June 2006. After years of development, it has grown steadily with plentiful funds and outstanding talent pool and won the title of National Property Management Level Ⅱ Aptitude Enterprise. Qunli offers a wide range of services, namely, all-round property management service, security service, cleaning service, maintenance service and housekeeping service. Its cooperation with Nimble in property management covers Splendid Yujing Garden, Splendid New World, Splendid Silver Garden and Splendid Hillside Garden etc. Splendid Yujing Garden gained the honor of Guangdong Property Management Demonstration Community and Guangzhou Property Management Demonstration Community in 2008.

During the longtime service in property management, Nimble, together with its property partners, always follows the ideal of Commitment, Devotion, Perfection and Excellence and act in line with the operation principle of put people first, run honest business, standardize management and achieve sustainable development with an effort to provide proprietors with warm, considerate and quality property management services and create an elegant, convenient, cozy and safe living environment. Nimble is dedicated to deliver the best performance in management and service of its development properties to maintain and intensify the values of Nimble real estates.