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Nimble Real Estate Successfully Bid for Four Residential and
Commercial Lands in One Week


On 31st July, Nimble Real Estate made successful bid for two of five commercial and residential land parcels in Enping through online open tender auction organised by Jiangmen Public Resources Trading Centre. This is the second time that Nimble raised its paddle in Jiangmen City following the purchase of two lands in downtown Taishan on 24th July. Till now, Nimble has purchased four land parcels in two of the four cities in Jiangmen, which shows the ambitions of Nimble to expand its strategic layout throughout Jiangmen.

It is understood that these two land parcels Nimble auctioned in Enping are connected together, with total area of 108,000 square meters.Located next to Country Garden’s development in Enping, these two sites are well served by an abundance of amenities and facilities with only 4 miles away from downtown business circle. Besides, these two sites are adjacent to the Aofeng Mountain and Jingjiang River, from where residents can enjoy the convenience of city living as well as stunning eco-environment.

In early this year, China proposed the concept of building Guangdong--HongKong--Macao Greater Bay for the first time. Jiangmen is in the critical position that connecting the east and west area. Along with the implement of a range of concrete measures in the west of Pearl River Delta, such as the construction of comprehensive transportation hub, Jiangmen will be presenting great opportunities.

The real estate market of Jiangmen has been growing promisingly under a series of new-released positive policies. The purchase of four commercial and residential lands in Taishan and Enping shows that Nimble has not only been optimistic on Jiangmen’s economic development and real estate market, but also put an important strategic step in Jiangmen. Jiangmen will become another significant part of the strategic overall arrangements of Nimble in Pearl River Delta market, of which, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Foshan and Zhaoqing are included.

It is known that Nimble started property development business in 1998. With 19 years of steady development, Nimble has been recognized throughout China as a leading property developer focused on property development with supporting businesses in architecture design, construction work, landscape planning, marketing and sales, as well as property management. Nimble was awarded “The Top 20 Credit-Worthiness Property Developer in Guangdong” in the last 10 consecutive years. So far, Nimble has its property developments covered 16 large and medium-sized cities, and radiating its profound influence across the whole country based on the Pearl River Delta. Nimble Group will continue adhering to the concept of “Build a Dream Home, Make a Better Life” to provide quality commercial and residential properties for Jiangmen and Enping citizen.

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