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Saluting the Veterans in Nimble Group!
——Nimble Group sends its regards to the retired soldiers on Army Day


The “Wolf Warriors 2”topped the Chinese box office these days witnessed the eternal soul of thearmy. “Once a soldier, always a soldier.” The tenacious and progressive spiritis deeply ingrained every soldier’s heart. So do the hundreds of the veterans in Nimble Group. They stay true to the mission and stick to their jobs and assignments.

On the occasion of the 90th founding anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army, which falls on 1st August, Nimble Group hold a celebration event for the veterans on the theme of “Keep the Soldier Spirit”. On the morning of 1st August, 240 veterans, who work in Nimble Group, were gathered together to celebrate this anniversary. By visiting the Huangpu Military Acade my and watching the movie of Wolf Warriors 2, the veterans recalled the army’s course of trials and hardship and brilliant achievement. The friendship comrades, patriotism, heroic complex and national courage and uprightness were roused in their deep heard.

Mr. Yang Jiansheng, the security manager and as a veteran and comrade-in-arms, sent his regard to those veterans. He highly appreciated the fine traditions and work style that those veterans had brought into Nimble Group,and hoped that they would commit to the followings: First, all of the veterans in-service should continue their good work; Second, keep the spirit of soldiers and dedicateto their roles; Third, align the Group’s strategic plans and work with each other to make further contribution to Nimble undertakings.

At the end of the event, some of them said, althoughwe are demobbed, our soldiers’ spirit, however, will never change, and we will keep that spirit in the services for Nimble Group.

This event aims to enrich the spiritual life of our employees and generate in them a sensation of warm under the company’s care. Meanwhile, how to show solicitude for veterans is not only an important part of Nimble Group’s culture establishment, but also the mainstay in the development of corporate culture.

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