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The Series of Public Lecture on Parenting Education Ended with Success


There is an old Chinese saying that goes “Governing one’s family should be prior to governing the country, while governing oneself should be ahead of governing the family.” Family traditions play an important role in Chinese traditional culture. Recently, Public Relation and Communication Department of Nimble organized series of public lectures on parenting education named “Inheritance of positive family traditions to build happy families” with the purpose of further boosting innovation of Nimble’s “Family” culture and improving employees’ happiness index and helping resolution of confusion in children’s growth up. Ms. Chen Dingchun, director-general of Early Education Research Association of Guangdong and the master teacher of Excellent Parents Institute of International Studies, and Ms. Liu Yang, level 2 professional national psychological counselor, Virginia Satir Family Healer, NLP Parenthood Practitioner and The World Grandmaster of Memory, were invited to give presentations on family education.

This presentation involved three main aspects - personal cultivation, parenting education, family and marriage. This two humorous advisors showed parents how to adjust their communication strategies with their kiddos and interpreted the principles and methods to operate a happy family. We should adjust our attention in daily life and pay more attention to positive aspects to the end that we will harvest the positive energy. These principles and methodologies can not only be applied to our studies and thinking, but also to concentrations within the energy. At the end, parents actively raised questions that come up during the growing up of their kids to better communicate with the advisors. This first public lecture on parenting education initiated by Nimble is the enlightenment education to help employees to create and foster a positive family culture. There are more than 40 person participate in every lecture since then.

Education, Marriage and Career are three pillars in our life, and the outcomes of those are base on family education. The influence of unconscious family traditions shall be more profound and long-lasting than specific education activities. These public lectures on parenting education have not only promoted employees’ parenting capabilities but also kicked off creation of the community of education which incorporated learning-oriented enterprise, leaning-oriented team and leaning-oriented parents. In future, Nimble will follow the concept of “Combination between Family Culture and Enterprise Culture” with the purpose of satisfying employees’ increasing diversified demands and respecting their aspirations. The company will build up a “Platform + Activity” model to enrich employees’ amateur culture life, enhance the cohesion, deliver positive energy, hence to build a dream home and make a better life.


Many young parents told the advisors that they were aware of lack of communication with children and will praise and encourage them more often in the future to build up their self confidence and responsibility. They also gave their good comment to the company for introducing these quality lectures on parenting to meet the requirements of employees and enhance the contact and communication between “Nimblese”.

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