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Nimble Real Estate Awarded the 2017 Top10 Most Valuable Real Estate Brands of Southern China


Co-hosted by China Real Estate IndustryAssociation (“CREIA”) and China Real Estate Appraisal (“CRA”), the AssessmentResults Release Conference of “2017 Top 50 Most Valuable Real Estate Brands inChina” took place in Shanghai on 13 September 2017. Guangzhou Nimble Investment Co. Ltd. (“Nimble Real Estate”) wasawarded the 2017 Top 10 Most Valuable Real Estate Brand of Southern China, inrecognition of its high brand value.


The assessment of Top 50 Most Valuable Real Estate Brandsin China is organized by CREIA and CRA of Shanghai E-House China R&D Institute, a professional real estateappraisal institute legally registered by Ministry of Civil Affairs of thePeople’s Republic of China. The assessment has been run annually for 7 years ina row which provides widely professional and authoritative results in this field.

As one of the notable Guangdong real estate companies rootedin the Pearl River Delta market, the brand value of Nimble Real Estate has beenincreasing steadily and make it to Top 10 Most Valuable Real Estate Brand of SouthernChina in 2017. Nimble has its propertydevelopments covered 16 large and medium-sized cities, including Guangzhou,Zhongshan, Foshan, Dongguan, Shantou, Yangjiang, Qingyuan, Shaoguan, Zhaoqing,Jiangmen, Yunfu, Baotou, Ordos, Sanya etc. thus forming a nationwide strategiclayout based on the Pearl River Delta. In 2016, Nimble boosted its sales revenue and controlled theoperating costs effectively by speeding up the inventory sales and optimizingthe financial structure, so as to increase the shareholder capital returns andnet asset size. The grossprofit margin and net profit rate level of the company is in the front row ofreal estate industry.

Nimble Real Estate has made all-round and diversifiedstrategic planning in areas such as development location, product developing,management, branding, personnel and culture for faster and better development.In terms of development location, the company focuses on crafting the PearlRiver Delta market, and also actively looks for proper areas across thecountry. In terms of product developing, Nimble has grown from developing onefoldresidential to diverse products, including five-star hotels, Grade A officebuildings, coastal resorts and super commercial complexes, thus establishingmulti-dimensional strategy for development in real estate. The two major brandscreated by the Nimble – Splendid and Nimble, have successfully made theirappearance starting from Panyu to Guangzhou and the rest of the country. The “Nimble”development brand, in particular, has enabled its perfect combination with the corporatebrand, securing a substantial leap in corporate brand and pushing the companyto become one of the best real estate developers in China. In the management,the company highlights the teamwork efficiency, well defined power andresponsibility. Besides, through standardized operations, Nimble Real Estatehas set up a scientific and complete modern management system to better controlmanagement costs and ensure operations in a large scale.

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