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Nimble Real Estate Sponsored Panyu Poetry Contest


The event of I Love Poetry, the first Panyu Poetry Contest for primary and middle schoolstudents, was held recently by Panyu Publicity Department, Panyu EducationBureau, Panyu Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV and Panyu MediaGroup, making a splash of classic poetries reciting throughout Panyu. Nimble RealEstate, as an enterprise that has always been dedicated to the local culturalundertakings, sponsored the Contest with real action to promote the developmentof traditional culture.

The Contest consistedof poetry knowledge competition and optional poetry performance competition, whichinvolved classic poetries on current Chinese textbook of primary and middleschool and poetries recommended for reciting set forth in current Chinesecurriculum standards, and integrated with Lingnan poetries and poems to reflectthe local culture. It received overwhelming welcome from students and familiesfrom over 200 primary and middle schools in Panyu. At present, 108 students areselected through school recommendations and interschool competitions to run forthe preliminary contest. The organizer said that the Contest was designed tohelp students to sample the extensive and profound Chinese culture and motivatemore people to take a fancy to classic poetries to enable traditional Chinese cultureto be effectively inherited.

Nimble Real Estate,as one of the Top 100 China Real Estate Developers and the sponsor of the Contest,has always been paying close attention to the progress of the Contest. Nimbleactively involved in each stage from preparation and warming-up, interschoolmass selection to the program recording and broadcasting, in order to pushforward the Contest smoothly. As Panyu’s local enterprise, Nimble Real Estate hasalways been concerning and supporting the development of undertakings in Panyu.Of which, Nimble donated 30 million CNY to Panyu Charity Association during theGuangzhou Charity Day event on Guangdong Poverty Alleviation Day in 2012 toestablish “Nimble Group Charitable Fund” in Panyu Charity Association to boostthe development of social and public welfare and charity undertakings. The successof this Poetry Contest was exactly benefit from such charitable fund.

During the last 19years of steady and fast development, Nimble has always adhered to the conceptof “Build a Dream Home, Make a Better Life” and committed to provide one-stop superiorcomprehensive service to owners. On education service, Nimble focuses on thepre-school education for the present, and actively introduces the advancededucation ideal and curricular system to provide high quality and diversifiededucation to the communities. By far, many chain kindergartens have beenestablished in Panyu, Zengcheng, Zhongshan etc., where quality conditions arecreated for kids to encourage their active participation, independentexploration, bold expression, friendly cooperation and hard training. TanBingzhao, president of Nimble Real Estate, said that teenagers were the futureof our country and it was of crucial importance for their growth up anddevelopment to cultivate their cultural literacy from childhood.

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