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Nimble Real Estate Deepened “University-Enterprise Cooperation” to Build a Talent Pool


As the graduation season comes, many well-established enterprises will recruit talents from colleges and universities that are in line with their development in advance to perfect the echelon building of talents and expand the talents reserve. So does Nimble Real Estate (“Nimble”). Recently, Nimble signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangzhou City Polytechnic (“GCP”) on the establishment of “2017 Talent Cultivation with Specialty Class for Nimble” (“Nimble Class”). In order to deepen the understanding of corporate culture, students from Nimble Class were invited to visit Nimble head office and his several star projects.

In the project of Splendid Gulf City, Zhongshan

Totally 70 teachers and students from GCP visited Nimble head office as well as some projects, such as Zhongshan Splendid Gulf City, Luogang Ruifeng Center, Luogang Splendid Plaza and Panyu Nimble Plaza. The Nimble Class students benefited a lot from the detailed guidance and explanation on the project construction by project leaders. Not only did they feel keenly the powerful comprehensive strength of Nimble and get basic knowledge on the industry-leading construction operational processes and methods, but were also aware of self insufficiency and with confident to move in the right direction. And their teachers gave high praises and acknowledged their thanks to Nimble, as the visits have not only enriched the extracurricular life of students and integrated the theoretical knowledge with social practice, but have cleared the directions to future study and career quotient as well.

Talent cultivation classes are the inevitable product of career development. It’s necessary to enhance the education cooperation between universities and enterprises, improve the talent cultivation quality and combine production with education with a view to achieving vocational education. The 2-year guiding and teaching cooperation program conducted by Nimble and GCP adopts “1+1”mode, that is students study professional knowledge at school in their first school year then get internship in Nimble for applying specialized technical knowledge and accumulating in-post experience in the second year, which is designed to cultivate high quality talents with extensive theoretical and practical expertise.

Mr. Miao Yaming, project leader in Luogang Ruifeng Center, is introducing the overall project situations

It is known that Nimble has started property development business since 1998. With 19 years of steady development, Nimble has been recognized throughout China as a leading property developer focused on property development with supporting businesses in architecture design, construction work, landscape planning, marketing and sales, as well as property management. With the current development of economy and the acceleration of urbanization, the grand vision of providing higher cost performance residential properties for customers and helping more people to achieve their dreams of buying house cannot be realized without the supports of professional talents. Tan Bingzhao, president of Nimble Real Estate, said that the cooperation between university and enterprise promoted our intercommunication and laid a solid foundation for Nimble to bring in more excellent and highly-educated talents so as to fulfill our brand concept of “Build a Dream Home, Make a Better Life”!

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