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Nimble Real Estate Promote Green Life by Introducing Used Clothing Collection Bins into the Communities


The mountain piles of used clothing are overwhelming our wardrobe - it is tasteless when worn but a pity to throw away. How to get all usable clothing and textiles into the hands of people in need and to eliminate clothing from the solid waste stream troubles owners a lot. Recently, Nimble Real Estate introduces some 1.5-meter-high used clothing collection bins into the conspicuous locations of the properties, with eye-catching slogans in green font reads “Classification Collection, Turning Trash to Treasure”, which provide a good place for the unwanted clothing from residents.

By working together with Community Residents Committee and Old Clothes Donate Environmental Promotion Center, Splendid Peninsular and Nimble Golden Harbor developed by Nimble Real Estate held an opening ceremony for the activity of used clothing collection by introducing used clothing collection bins, aiming to support and advocate green environmental protection charity a few days ago. The Property Management took an active role in participating and coordinating the Events by broadcasting and increasing environmental and ecological awareness, encouraging community residents donate all unwanted clothes into the clothing collection bins, so as to improve the dwelling environment.

It is understood that, after sorting, sterilizing, finishing and packing, the qualified unwanted clothing will be used again by people in need in poor areas, while the rest will be recycled to turn “waste” into wealth, helping to solve this growing environmental challenge and achieve low-carbon economy and recycling economy. Owners supported this activity with their practical action.

Apart from unwanted clothing, other hazardous wastes like battery, medicines, modulator tube, etc. can be sorted collection by these bins to reduce environment pollution.

The used and unwanted clothing collection event played a positive role in releasing the storage space, establishing environmental protection awareness, building a low-carbon and environmentally-friendly community as well as promoting  ecological civilized lifestyle. While Nimble Real Estate advocates greener living and cares more about the residential experience of owners. Nimble will endeavor to create a warm and comfortable living community.

So far, Nimble has its property developments covered 19 large and medium-sized cities, tailoring dream homes for owners with high-standard communities. In the future, Nimble will continue to uphold the concept of “Build a Dream Home, Make a Better Life” to support and champion the low-carbon and environmentally-friendly philosophy and create a livable and enjoyable habitat environment.

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