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Nimble Real Estate Book Donation Activity is Soon-To-Open


All people are equal before the education. The children in the poverty-stricken area, however, are lacking educational resources. “New Year Gifts for Pingjiang”, a book donation activity launched on 23 Dec, was designed to provide libraries of public nature for primary and secondary schools in Pingjiang. This plan, initiated by Splendid Peninsular and Nimble Golden Harbor of Nimble Real Estate and joined hands with Mutian Charity, called on the residents as well as the public to donate their idle books as gifts for the primary and secondary schools in poverty-stricken areas.

Pingjiang County is one of the national-level poverty-stricken counties, where the numbers of left-behind children top the list. Due to the harsh conditions, they barely get extra-curricular books except textbooks. For many of us, to donate a book means nothing, but for the children in Pingjiang County, to have a book means everything. So the “New Year Gifts for Pingjiang” - Book Donation Activity can be organized and more attention can be drawn to the growth of the children there, to improve their reading quality, enlighten their minds and broaden their vision.

The activity was held at 9:00-15:00 on 23 December, 2017, during which, owners from Splendid Peninsular and Nimble Golden Harbor of Nimble can donate all kinds of books that are suitable for primary school and secondary school students, such as dictionary, fairy tales, enlightenment reading materials or humanities books in six designated donation venues in the communities. Meanwhile, donators can also write down their encouragement and blessings on the donated book for the children. All these donated books will be sent to five primary and secondary schools in Pingjiang before New Year’s Day to set up Book Corners.

Nimble has been adhering to the charity spirit of “Charitable Heeds and Deeds” since its establishment, and will never forget its social duties and responsibilities during the course of development by actively devoting in the charity and delivering positive energy to society. Nimble is marching on the charity course step by step, from the Public Lecture on Parenting Education to Care the Children of Migrant Workers, and to the Aide et Action. In future, Nimble Real Estate will keep following the social and public welfare undertakings and fulfill its social responsibilities invariably, so as to contribute its strength for a harmonious social environment.

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