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Nimble Real Estate Joined Hands with On the Spot Team to Help 100 Migrant Workers Aboard the Lunar New Year Happiness Express


With Spring Festival quickly approaching, it is supposed to be a period of time entirely for family reunion. On 3 February 2018, a charity event named ”Aboard the Lunar New Year Happiness Express” held by Nimble Real Estate and On the Spot Team was lunched, the first 100 migrant workers from Wenshan, Yunnan and Guigang, Guangxi took the free busses heading back to their hometowns.  
Early in the morning by 7am, some of the countrymen had already arrived at the Jiaokou Bus Terminal with their luggage waiting for the Happiness Expresses while the on-site staff thoughtfully prepared some hot ginger tea to free them from cold weather. Final preparations were taking place before the Happiness Expresses departure.

Mr. Lin from Wenshan of Yunnan said he had not been back home for a year that only over the phone and video call he can know his son’s growth record. He wondered if his son could call him Papa now. “This is a transformer toy for my son,” he took out a toy from his luggage and said, beaming with delight.

The two Happiness Expresses carried 100 migrant workers from Wenshan and Guigang departed at 9:30am towards the way home. And in the following 9 days, there were more Happiness Expresses heading to Jiangxi, Guangxi, Hunan etc sent migrant workers home.

The representative from Nimble Real Estate said, the migrant workers were the major force in urban construction with tremendous contributions to the development of the city. After 20 years’ development, Nimble Real Estate has developed more than 80 featured properties in 20 large and medium cities in China, and built homes for millions of clients, all these accomplishments cannot be realized without the contribution of those migrant workers. They work hard in the cities away from home for their dreams and for creating a better life for their families, while reunions with their families and relatives during the Lunar New Year are their expectation and spiritual sustenance. By virtue of Happiness Expresses, Nimble hope to help more families to reunite and make them feel warm and social care so as to have the sense that their ”family” will no longer be far away from them. This reflects the spirit of “Build a Dream Home, Make a Better Life” which the Nimble Real Estate has stuck to in years the most.

As a socially responsible company, Nimble Real Estate has been adhering to the charity spirit of “Charitable Heeds and Deeds” and actively involved in the charitable events. Until now, Nimble has donated over 300,000,000 CNY in the charity. In future, Nimble will continue to support the charitable course and contribute its strength to society.

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