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Nimble Real Estate Donated 20 Million CNY as Poverty Alleviation Fund to Zhaoqing


Nimble Real Estate has recently donated 20 million CNY to Zhaoqing government to fund poverty alleviation initiatives of this city. On 2 February, a ceremony was held in the Assembly Hall of Zhaoqing government, at which Mr. Jiang Senyuan, vice mayor of Zhaoqing, Mr. Chen Shuimao, vice president of Nimble Real Estate, Mr. Zhong Zhihao, Zhaoqing regional general manager of Nimble Real Estate were present.

At the ceremony, Mr. Jiang Senyuan briefed on the basic situation of poverty-relief works in Zhaoqing and highly appreciated the contribution which has been made by Nimble to their charity works.

Mr. Chen Shuimao said, in order to implement the policies and arrangements of securing a victory in the fight against poverty in the new era called for by the Central Government, the State Council, Provincial Commission and Provincial Government, as well as the work target of “ensuring to lift all the poor out of poverty in 2018, building a moderately prosperous society in all respects together with Guangdong province” proposed by Zhaoqing, Nimble Real Estate, as a part of the urban construction in Zhaoqing, would like to take this opportunity to follow the activity called on by Zhaoqing, take on his social responsibilities and strive for the critical battle of poverty alleviation for Zhaoqing.  

On the same day, Mr. Jiang Senyuan officially accepted the Poverty Alleviation Fund of 20 million CNY donated by Nimble Real Estate on behalf of Zhaoqing government. The fund will be allocated to the account of Zhaoqing Charity Association in support of people from local rural poor families with the capability and working desire to enjoy stable employment.

Nimble Real Estate has always been expressing his gratitude for the well-spring and never forgotten his social mission. While providing quality houses to citizens, Nimble actively gets involved in charity activities and returns the society to undertake his corporate social responsibilities. In addition to charitable donations, Nimble carried out the charity activities such as The Elderly Care, Poverty Alleviation and Aid Education, and awarded the names of “Guangdong Kapok Gold Cup for Poverty Alleviation” and “Most Influential Charitable Enterprise” etc. In future, Nimble Real Estate will continue fulfilling the spirit of “Charitable Heed and Deed” and contributing to society while at the same time upholding the belief of “Build a Dream Home, Make a Better Life”.

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