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Nimble Real Estate Helps Hundred Non-local Workers Enjoy the Homeward Journey


On 6 February, the Departure Ceremony of “Nimble Real Estate Helps Non-local Workers Enjoy the Homeward Journey” charity event was held in Nimble Riviera Palace, with the aiming to help 100 non-local workers in Shunde returning home for Spring Festival. Zheng Weihong, Vice Publicity Minister of Shunde, Foshan and Feng Jianzhen, Deputy Director of FSTV Shunde TV Station as well as officers from Nimble attended the Ceremony. Followed Nimble title sponsored the “Lunar New Year Happiness Expresses” not long ago, this is another good deed that Nimble did for non-local workers to undertake public welfare cause and perform his corporate social responsibilities.

30 non-local workers received the complimentary tickets and New Year gifts

Co-launched by FSTV Shunde TV Station and Shunde Trade Union, Shunde Spiritual Civilization Administration Office, Charitable Society of Shunde, this Event offered a green channel for the non-local workers in Shunde to reunite with their families and relatives during the Spring Festival. Since last month, this event helped lots of non-local workers in Shunde to return their hometowns.

Representative of Nimble giving a speech

During the Event, 30 non-local workers from eastern, western and northern Guangdong as well as Sichuan, Hubei, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi received the complimentary tickets and New Year gifts from the sponsors.

Two workers are sharing their feelings with the media reporter

Mr. Wei from Yulin of Guangxi, the worker representative, expressed heartfelt gratefulness to the organizers on the Ceremony. Kissed by fortune, Mr. Wei’s family of four and his uncle received the tickets for their trip returning home. “Luckily drew the complimentary tickets for two consecutive years indeed relieved the financial difficulty of our family, this event did a big favor to non-local workers.” Mr. Wei said with delight.

Also luckily, Ms. Lin from Zhanjiang of Guangdong, who knew this Event from Wechat, received the complimentary ticket and New Year gifts unexpectedly.

The sponsor handing over the complimentary ticket and New Year gifts to workmates

Ms. Liao from Guigang of Guangxi received a ticket for the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month. She and her husband have worked in Shunde for eight years while her son, who was a middle school student, stays with his grandparents in their hometown. Although accustomed to the lifestyle in Guangdong, home was always uppermost in her mind. Unlike previous years, however, Ms. Liao got the free ticket instead of scrambling. Despite the long distance way home, Ms. Liao's heart was warm.

Nimble Real Estate thoughtfully prepared a big reunion dinner buffet that included Chinese cuisine, western cuisine, dim sum, milky tea, etc. cater for the non-local workers to enjoy the Spring Festival atmosphere in advance.

Departure Ceremony of “Nimble Real Estate Helps Non-local Workers Enjoy the Homeward Journey” charity event

Set out for dreams and return home for family. For people who work hard in the cities away from home, reunions with their ageing parents and lovely children during the Lunar New Year are their expectation and strong faith. Troubling in getting tickets fails many people to set foot on the way home. Nimble concerned what our workmates concerns and issued some complimentary tickets to help them heading towards home for Spring Festival.

Two Busses Hit the Road

As a socially responsible company, Nimble Real Estate has been adhering to the charity spirit of “Charitable Heeds and Deeds” and actively involved in charitable events to deliver positive energy since its establishment. Stepped into the twentieth year of Nimble’s glorious progress, bigger and stronger the company in the same time, we will always be at the forefront of public welfare undertakings and be the “Responsible Property Developer with Strong Action Force in China”.

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