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Nimble Real Estate Endeavors to Fulfill Corporate Social Responsibilities by Caring the Left-behind Children in Northern Guangdong Province


Charity Activity of Supporting Impoverished Students Named “Caring for Children with Love” launched in Shaoguan

On 20 & 21 Jan, 2018, the Youth Volunteer Team of Nimble Real Estate and his partner, Qizhi Non-Governmental Organization of Guangzhou Young Volunteers Association, went to Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County of Shaoguan to provide charity activity of supporting impoverished students named “Caring for Children with Love” and donate school supplies to teachers and students in Dongqi Primary School of Yiliu Town in Ruyuan and Chishi Primary School of Dengfeng Town in Nanxiong, such as winter uniforms, equipments against the winter, over 800 children’s picture books, computer teaching equipments, stationery and sports goods etc.

It is understood that this activity consists of donation of “Sunny Dream Library”, implementation of “Project Candy” and home visiting of families in need called “Project Warm Current”. “Sunny Dream Library” is the project that volunteers initiated for helping impoverished children to fulfill their dreams to read more by donating books to the poor rural schools. And “Project Candy” is developed by the volunteers with the purpose of offering students many art programs so that they learn to feel and discover the beauty of life. While under “Project Warm Current”, volunteers will visit the poor families and bring them supplies required in their daily lives.

During the activity, Youth Volunteers from Nimble Real Estate went to Dongqi Primary School and Chishi Primary School to unveil the nameplates for the “Sunny Dream Library” together with their principals. Moreover, volunteers also played games and danced with children, paid a visit to 15 poverty-stricken families and provided them with rice, edible oil, quilts and so on. The children extended their appreciation to the enterprises as well as the volunteers who devoted to public welfare undertaking, and vowed to study hard to honor back to society. The volunteer representative from Nimble said that through thick and thin, Nimble is duty-bound to take the responsibility for social public benefits. We are always on the way to help the children accomplish their dreams. Never forget why Nimble started, and adhere to the everlasting original intention to the charity.

The socially useful activity of “Caring for Children with Love” has been carried out for 6 years, which is one of the long-term brand public beneficial programs implemented by Nimble. With a view to helping left-behind children overcome the schooling problems and giving them proper guidance in establishing a correct outlook on values and life, Nimble funds impoverished students, offers supported teaching activities and launches other activities like “Sunny Dream Library” and “Project Candy” etc.

Nimble Real Estate has never forgotten his social mission and always been expressing his gratitude for the well-spring. While providing quality houses to citizens, Nimble actively get involved in charity activities and return the society to undertake his corporate social responsibilities. In addition to the above children-caring activities, Nimble also dedicated to other charity activities such as The Elderly Care, Poverty Alleviation and Aid Education, and awarded the names of “Guangdong Kapok Gold Cup for Poverty Alleviation” and “The Most Influential Charitable Enterprise” etc. In future, Nimble Real Estate will continue fulfilling the spirit of “Charitable Heed and Deed” and contributing to society while at the same time upholding the belief of “Build a Dream Home, Make a Better Life”.

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