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Upgrades of Road Network in Zhaoqing Opens up City′s Main Artery and Nimble Group Boosts Regional Economic Development


ntegrating into the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao greater bay area in an active manner through building urban transportation artery. Taking advantage of the opportunity to hold the provincial sports meeting, Zhaoqing is propelling a series of road upgrades and reconstruction with higher standards, greater determination and strength, and promoting itself to become the gateway of integrated transportation hub where the Pearl River Delta connects Southwest China.

As one of the Top 100 China Property Developers, Nimble Group has been devoting to create beautiful living experience and succeeded in developing 7 large multi-type comprehensive projects in its 11-year cultivation in Zhaoqing. Along with the continuous upgrades in transportation facilities in Zhaoqing, the star developments deployed by Nimble Group in Zhaoqing have achieved gorgeous transformation and multi-type product layout in step to drive the local economic growth and boost the city to become a high-quality new metropolis in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao greater bay area.

Situated at Hot Spot, Nimble Landscape Mansion Reported a Success in Opening for Sale

Thanks to the rapid development of the traffic network, Beiling area in Zhaoqing ushers new opportunities by the advantage of adjoining to the Dachong transportation hub and its quick connecting to three east-westbound arterial roads of Zhaoqing Avenue, Xinghu Avenue and Duanzhou Avenue as well as the completion and operation of Daling Road and Beiling Road, Qixing Road, forming a road network radiating the eastern new district and the old city, therefore Beiling area has become a hot spot in Zhaoqing that enjoys the bustle of city living and tranquil family life.

On 18 August, the first stage of Landscape Mansion, the glorious masterpiece of Nimble Group in Zhaoqing for 11 years, opened for sale, to whom the mature WeChat housing selection technology was used for the first time that provided good housing purchasing experience and attracted the participation of a large number of Zhaoqing citizens. The first stage of the development offers panoramic lake-mountain view units with floor areas of 85-135 m2, among which 500 potential buyers registered their interests in one month and 150 units were sold at the opening for sale.

It is learned that by virtue of mountain and water resources in Zhaoqing and with the rear facing Beiling Mountain Forest Park, municipal lake park of 40,000 m2 and natural water system of 13,000 m2, Nimble Landscape Mansion draws people’s attention by its unique and ideal living environment of “Symbiotic Link between Prosperity and Landscape, Right Balance between Health and Development”.

“It was felt that Beiling Mountain was very far away in the past but it is now within 15 minutes’ drive from Minjie City and here rarely has both beautiful mountain and water," said Mr. He, a prospective owner. The transportation advantage of Nimble Landscape Mansion is becoming more and more obvious with the opening up of the road networks in Zhaoqing, the completion and opening to traffic of Dachong hub overpass bridge connecting to Guangzhou-Foshan-Zhaoqing Expressway and other networks of road, and the operation of Duanzhou Station for Guangzhou-Foshan-Zhaoqing Light Rail and the gradual formation of regional three-dimensional transportation system.

Traffic Network Construction Continues to Accelerate and Nimble Western Starry City Leads the Western City

Nimble Western Starry City, another masterpiece of Nimble Group is coming soon in western Zhaoqing following the Western City Center for the purpose of meeting the diverse needs of Zhaoqing’s citizens. The development locates at the intersection of Duanzhou District and Gaoyao District regarded as “West Gate to Duanzhou District” and on the central axis of the planned “Guiding Mountain New Town”  in the western Duanzhou, with linear distance of only 2-3 kilometers to Xijiang Bridge and Zhaoqing New Railway Station respectively.

The continuous acceleration of urban road network construction in Guishan area that is the key project of the “13th Five-Year Plan” and the carrying forward of arterial road in “Shuanglong” area, the overpass bridge of Duanzhou 7th road and QiaobeiRoad, the overpass bridge of Zhaoqing avenue and Qiaobei road, and the construction of comprehensive passenger hub at Zhaoqing Railway Station and the demonstration section of Jiangbinxi Road and so on dredge many transportation bottlenecks, therefore it can be foreseen that the locational advantage of Nimble Starry City will be further energetically highlighted by the upgrades of road network in Zhaoqing.

It is reported that the programmed products of Western Starry City include house, apartment and shop and the like, and the development shall be created to be a multi-functional small and medium-sized commercial body integrating catering, entertainment and living to address the customers' diversified consumption needs and promote the upgrades of the regional commercial structure and inject new vitality into the local economy.

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