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Nimble Group Helps Hailing Island Guangdong with the Health and Aged Care Industry, and Constructs Actively an Ecological Circle In Respect of the Whole Industrial Chain Service


With the implementation of the State Council's 13th Five-Year Plan for the National Development of Aging and the Establishment of Pension System Plan and the strategic move of the Outline of the Healthy China 2030 Plan, the health and aged care industry, which covers many forms of pension, health care, medical care, culture and tourism, will boom in this golden age.

Fine experience for livelihood has been made to people, thanks to the dedication of Nimble's positive efforts in recent years. The contract signing ceremony of the Project of People's Health and Livelihood in Hailing Island, jointly progressed by the trio of Management Committee of Hailing Island Economic Development Experimental Zone of Yangjiang of Guangdong Province, Tuopu Genes Science and Technology (Guangzhou) Limited as well as Yangjiang Nimble Property Development Limited, took place a few days ago in Hailing Island.

With the advance of the “Healthy China Strategy”, some analysts believe that many more regions and companies are making good attempts to explore new modes of the health and aged care industry by virtue of their advantageous resources. As a result of such attempts, significant stimulation of deep fusion of the upstream and downstream industrial chain of that industry may be contemplated in future, so as to propel the regional economic development forward.

New Breakthrough in the Form of Tourism + Health Care

It is reported that the said project will keep an eye on the implementation of five tasks. Firstly, to focus on tourism + health industry with vigorous exploration of the research and planning of tourism and health and aged care projects. Secondly, to perform public health check and health science popularization in respect of resident populations in Hailing Island, and cooperate with hospitals and schools to carry out the popularization of medical health science, with the introduction of a group of medical expertise. Thirdly, to pay attention to tourism development and jointly create products of tourism and health. Fourthly, to launch health screening work, with concerns of health and poverty alleviation, so as to screen the poor for critical illness and hence build a healthy and targeted poverty alleviation under the health concept of “Early Diagnosis, Early Precaution and Early Treatment”. Lastly, to establish a platform of full-process service information management for tumor sufferers.

The project was to build a new model for the construction of the one in favour of people. By the cooperation between government and enterprises, people's know-how in health will be further popularised and the development of the health care work will be accelerated in that area, said the relevant person-in-charge of Hailing Island Experimental Area, in addition, the financial burden brought by diseases to families and the government will be eased, with the leap-forward development of the medical and health system to be promoted and he overall improvement of the national health indices of Hailing Island to be realised.

Nimble Golden Coast Adds to Welcomed News

With the formal signing of the project of People's Health and Livelihood of Hailing Island, in early August this year, the Experimental Area of Hailing Island of Guangdong revealed that the island will be both the leader and main battleground for the development of the local tourism industry, centering on the development position of “Striving to be the Vanguard of the Coastal Economic Belt in Guangdong”, being based on the Hailing Bay Economic Circle, completing the global tourism planning with high quality, high standard and high positioning and building itself into a first-class domestically and internationally renowned tourist resort.

Meanwhile, with the help of its geographical advantages, Guangdong Hailing Island has positively developed coastal and ecological tourism, promoting the deep integration of such tourism with agriculture, health, pension and the like, and thereby accelerating the construction of several large-scale key projects including Nimble Group's and creation of international hotel chain brand clusters.

Nimble has always been actively implementing the nationwide new urbanization strategy and is committed to becoming a comprehensive service provider for better cities and towns. It has also been exploring the innovative mode of diversified development of the ecosystem of the whole industrial chain service in the new era, to stimulate the new vitality of the urban economy, with the health and aged care industry considered as one of the material driving forces of the tourism business.

Nimble Golden Coast, built by Nimble at the cost of billions yuan, is a large-scale high-end comprehensive cultural tourism project, encompassing tourism, vacation, conference, health preservation, leisure, business and residence, and is one of the key projects in Hailing Island as well.

Adhering to the concept of “Build a Dream Home, Make a better life”, Nimble Golden Coast actively has been carrying out innovative exploration of the fine experience for living. It has comprehensively innovated and upgraded from the five supporting services of food, shelter, transportation, entertainment and shopping to lead a healthy lifestyle since early July this year. Moreover, Phase 2 of it adheres to the concept of “Health and Aged Care” and builds an overlooking seaview apartment of the South-China superb villa style - Nimble Jiulong Bay which, under the provision of low plot ratio and low building density, establishes new experience for family excursions, enjoyment of coastal luxury, small type of seaview apartment, and high-rise capable of overlooking the sea and listening to the wind, and takes “Ocean” as the landscape theme as well as “Coastal Leisure and Vacation” as the landscape style, so as to create a multi-functional and high-quality health and aged care living area.

Frankly speaking, comparable with other boutique projects, Nimble Golden Coast contains more scarce seascape resources and better utility services. Industry insiders represent that with the protection of marine resources by the country, projects with assets of seascape resource will be very rare. Therefore, the prospect of it will be further improved, together with the value of its investment+leisure experience further highlighted, or its being one of the important forces to promote the development of local health and aged care industry.

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