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“Nimble Homes” APP - Inspires Intelligent Life, Builds A Better Home


As mobile internet technology escalates, intelligence and our lives are sharing a closer relationship. Active efforts have been made to explore the building of intelligent community by Nimble Group who is deemed as a driver of intelligent life over the years. “Nimble Homes” APP for intelligent community, which required years of research and development and trial run, has been officially launched and promoted in an all-round way recently, hence giving rise to significant improvement in the intelligence level of community management.

Sci-tech Boosts Efficiency, Intelligence Leads Life

“Nimble Homes” APP will bring about intelligent life for owners in 3 stages. Stage 1 concentrates mainly on routine services, such as online complaints and warranty, check and payment of water and electricity bills and property management fees, courier mail enquiries, and purchase of bargains, etc., and allows owners to stay up on the latest information of the community and complete payment for all living expenses by just sliding a finger indoors. Stage 2 has intelligent value-added services without limitation to remote door opening and face recognition. Having owners' faces scanned by the face recognition system at the gate , they will be granted quick pass on entry into residential quarter; dynamic data collection of air quality and humidity, noise and water quality, with the help of multiple intelligent collectors in the community, will let owners keep track of environmental quality in the place where they reside; Servants who, have access to “Eye in the Sky” system in the property management integrated command core, can examine real-time screens of public areas and monitor security development on a timely basis. Stage 3 seeks the rise of service quality. With integration of online platforms and offline resources to the full extent, “Nimble Homes” will create a “community O2O mechanism” to complete the “last mile” distribution of products or services, as well as establish a connecting platform amongst owners, merchants and service providers, so as to inject intelligence into every scenario of life. Not only a house, but also a home full of wit is what owners feel about Nimble's masterpieces.

Learn From Experiences inside and outside the Industry by All Means, Provide High Quality Services

We are given to understand that a team of expertise, composed of R & D departments and business departments, has conducted many in-depth investigations and discussions on relevant APPs both inside and outside the industry, prior to the research and development of “Nimble Homes” APP, and thereby successfully developed this hugely user-friendly intelligent software in a winning combination of the advantages of various parties and the self-demands of Nimble, in order to create an efficient and comfortable intelligent life for its owners. During the course ranging from early discussion, to research and development and to current promotion and use, the R & D team has acquired a more profound understanding of the transformation brought about by the development and operation mode and intelligent property services.

“Nimble Homes” APP has created an efficient and comfortable intelligent life for 120 thousand owners, which is another Nimble Group's leap in respect of intelligent life, following the provision of “mobile delivery”, “intelligent authentication system” and “cloud intercom”. In accordance with the successful kick-start of value-added services of “Nimble Homes” APP, Nimble Group, upholding to its corporate philosophy of “Build a Dream Home, Make a Better Life”, will accelerate the intelligent upgrade of community and create life services with more values and better quality for cities, at the outset of more humanized property management services.

Being a role of “comprehensive service provider for better cities and towns in the new era”, Nimble Group has kept an eye on fine living experience for two decades all the while, through the rise of product quality and the active drive of intelligent engineering construction and intelligent property management, to consolidate continuously the 3 advantageous business sectors, strengthen the integration and coexistence of multi-format and multi-supporting services, construct a diversified service ecosystem of the whole industrial chain, stimulate new vitality of urban economy and create a better new life. In addition, Nimble Group will respond to the call for high-quality development by the country, proceed to hold firmly dreams of happy life which people long for, take the satisfaction of people who demand for a better life in the new era as its duty, rely on products, speak with quality, innovate constantly a leading way of a better life in cities and towns, improve living happiness, and strive for the purposes of regional economic growth, sustainable urban development and a better and happy life for people in the future.

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