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Nimble Group Continues to Stay in the "Top 10 China Real Estate Enterprises' Brand Value in South China"


   On 18 September, 2018, China Real Estate Industry Association, together with co-sponsor, China Real Estate Appraisal of Shanghai E-House Real Estate R & D Institute, held the "2018 China Real Estate Enterprises' Brand Value Appraisal Results Conference and Real Estate Brand Development Summit Forum" in Hangzhou. Guangzhou Nimble Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nimble Group), relying upon its strong competitiveness, won the third place amongst the "2018 Top 10 China Real Estate Enterprises' Brand Value in South China" at the press conference.

   In recent years, the brand value of Nimble Group has grown in a steady pace, as a result, it has been listed on the "China Real Estate Enterprises' Brand Value" for the second consecutive year, highlighting again its strong comprehensive strength and brand effect.


    Constant Rise in Performance and Continuous Improvement in Brand Value

    Nimble Group formally entered the residential development field of people's livelihood in 1998, adhering to the regional development strategy and taking regional piecewise construction and development as the main business model. Basing itself on Guangzhou, it deeply ploughed in the Pearl River Delta, developed key cities in East and West Guangdong, expanded more quickly and became stronger, and established an important position in the field of livelihood engineer.

       Since 2009, Nimble Group has entered the stage of nationwide expansion, with continuous efforts and triumphs of sales performance. In 2011, Nimble · Shangcheng International's sales reached 900 million yuan within half a month of launching, while Zengcheng Jinxiu International also won the "Top 10 Best Seller Award in Guangzhou". In the same year, the group's annual sales performance ranked the top 3 in the sales of Guangzhou real estate enterprises. In 2012, the sales amount of the group exceeded 10 billion yuan for the first time, and it was awarded the title of "2012 Top 10 Real Estate Comprehensive Strength" and "2012 Top 10 Most Competitive Real Estate in Guangdong", giving rise to one of the top 10 real estate enterprises in Guangdong in that year. In 2013, the group's annual sales showed stable growth, with achievement of sales of 20 billion yuan and the number of projects being sold as high as 40 covering big cities of Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Sanya etc. Moreover, with excellent performance, the group reigned over the "2013 Guangzhou Housing Sales Areas of Real Estate Enterprises", and was ranked second in the sales volume and sales amount of that, and thus winning the title of "2013 Top 100 China Real Estate Enterprises" for the first time.

       Since the first half of this year, Nimble Group has been engaged deeply in the Pearl River Delta, integrated actively into the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, accelerated the national expansion, and first entered the cities in important provinces and autonomous regions such as Sichuan, Henan, Hunan, Guizhou, Guangxi and otherwise, forming a strategic layout with the Pearl River Delta as the base, radiating to the whole country in an order manner. As the strategic domain increases, the Group maintains a rapid upward trending. From January to June, 2018, the accumulative total of contract sales amount reached 15.7 billion yuan with the contract sales area achieving 1.399 million square meters.

       The group's brand value has been highly recognized by the market and continuously improved, thanks to its excellent performance and comprehensive strength. Therefore, it has been ranked as the "Top 20 Real Estate enterprise' Credit Worthiness in Guangdong" for 11 consecutive years and the "Top 100 China Real Estate Enterprises" for six years in a row. This time, it has again been listed as one of the "Top 10 China Real Estate Enterprises' Brand Value in South China", and hence transformed itself into a large-scale comprehensive brand developer in China.

       Strengthen Internal Capacity, Transform and Upgrade to a Comprehensive Service Provider of Better Cities and Towns in the New Era


       "By deepening management, strengthening internal capacity, Nimble Group, in recent years, has further improved corporate information management mechanism and explored innovative corporate management mode, driven enterprise management standardization, modernization and informatization, gained a good harvest in performance and brand value, and provided institutional guarantee for high quality rush", indicated some analysts.

       It is reported that the Group has implemented a dual system of target plan management and standardized operation management, and continuously improved and carried out the system in many aspects such as project, planning, design, engineering, landscape, interior decoration, property management, sales & marketing, etc. At the same time, it has actively promoted the "three-level control" mode, in a bid to ensure efficient operation of the corporate management system, via a scientific, standardized and modernized one, improve comprehensively the overall management efficiency, and realize steady and high-speed growth of its performance.

       In addition, the group has been strengthening its talent echelon construction with hesitation, continuously optimizing the talent structure, further imposing high-quality talent training and selection, actively promoting the talent reward mechanism, and hence creating a Nimble iron troop with excellent leadership and powerful execution. Tan Bingzhao, honorary chairman of Nimble Group, once said that employees are the best wealth of Nimble, let alone enabling them to have a dream home and a good life with continuous care is the driving force to ensure the long-term development of the company.

       Under the philosophy of "Build a Dream Home, Make a Better Life", Nimble Group, insisting on "Efficient management, Efficient cashflow, Swift development" and setting quality and service as the core, has committed to provide comprehensive service for the development of new cities and towns. In 2018, Nimble Group has positioned itself as a "comprehensive service provider for better cities and towns in the new era" in respect of brand strategy, and will help upgrade people's better life.

       Indeed, Nimble Group has long been performing positively the new urbanization strategy of country, focusing on better living experience, consolidating continuously the three advantageous business sectors including livelihood engineer, intelligent engineering, intelligent property management, strengthening the integration and coexistence of hotel, business, education in terms of multi-formats and multi-supporting services, establishing a diversified development of the ecosystem service of whole industry chain, with a current formation of the four product line series encompassing boutique dwelling houses, CBD commerce, urban complex, and vacation and tourism, as well as a success to build the brand series of "Splendid" and "Nimble" accounting for over 100 high-quality projects across the country , so as to add new momentum to sustainable urban development and boost the development of urban economy.

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