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Nimble Group Strengthened Rural Revitalization with Culture and Made Efforts to a Synced-up Propagation in the Six Cities


Thanks for your  Having promotional posters of the public welfare cultural activity of “Self-cultivation with Efforts till Realization of Great Ideal - Cultural Tour for Rural Revitalization" launched online, in perfect synchronization, on the LED screens in downtown Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Zhaoqing and Enping respectively, Nimble Group marked the beginning of this National Day Golden Week in such a unique form as of the first day of that.

It is known that the startup of the Large-scale public welfare cultural activity of “Self-cultivation with Efforts till Realization of Great Ideal - Cultural Tour for Rural Revitalization” from Oct 1 onwards till next year, to be held by Nimble Group in conjunction with, Guangdong Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Promotion Association, famed artists, art colleges and folk art organizations, will be a sign of promoting the inheritance and development of Lingnan folk culture and boosting rural revitalization with culture.

Efforts has been Made to a Synced-up Propagation in the Six Major Cities

We are given to understand that the activity of “Self-cultivation with Efforts till Realization of Great Ideal - Cultural Tour for Rural Revitalization” is an effective practice for Nimble Group to respond positively to the calls of the party and government and be a decent supporter, promoter and participant of the rural revitalization.

Nimble Group, on the first day of the Golden Week, has launched publicity posters of that activity in the twelve cores of the said six major cities, thereby providing a strong appeal to a good many of people to stop by, for the purpose of attracting more art scholars and tutors to add to the voluntary troops of cultural poverty alleviation and rural education support.

The Three Great Artists' endorsement for Public Welfare

This public welfare cultural activity also invited Li Cunxiu, known as Chinese contemporary Xu Xiake, famous traveling writer and president of Guangdong Tourism Culture and Media Society, Wang Zengfeng, a Chinese sculptor and winner of the Chinese Folk Art Mountain Flower Award, and Weng Zhenru, a famous Australian Chinese painting and calligraphy artist, the third generation descendant of the Lingnan Painting School and a member of the International Art Education Exchange Committee of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, who acted as public welfare spokesmen.

The LED screens in the core areas of the six cities simultaneously displayed their encouraging slogans for the public welfare cultural activity of which they will be the spiritual bearers.

Li Cunxiu: "I will express the picturesque countryside with everyone!"

Wang Zengfeng: "I will portray the picturesque countryside with everyone!"

Weng Zhenru: "I will describe the picturesque countryside with everyone!"

Promote Rural Revitalization with Culture, Hold Fast to Our Faith in Return for Society

For a long time, Nimble Group has adhered to the philosophy of "Build a Dream Home, Make a Better Life", by active exploration of a better way of living, so as to provide people with more, better and more cost-effective residences and create a quality life for them.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Reform and Opening up, during which the domestic economy has undergone tremendous changes, together with the great improvement of living standard of people and the ever-growing demand for a better life. Nimble Group will seize the opportunity of the new era and hold firmly people's longing for a better life, as a result, the Group will, this year, redefine its brand strategy, upgrade itself to a comprehensive service provider for better cities and towns in the new era, establish a diversified service ecosystem of the whole industry chain, stimulate the new vitality of rural economy and drive the further upgrade of rural population's happy life.

Through the organization of the public welfare cultural activity of "Cultural Tour for Rural Revitalization", Nimble Group, meanwhile, will go after the strategic call of the party and government for rural revitalization, therefore wonderful cultural activities can settle in the countryside and where cultural resources can stay for good, improve the happiness of rural people, inherit good folk culture at the same time, make alive outstanding folk culture, create sustainable cultural industry, and actively boost the construction of rural spiritual civilization with the promotion of the rural economic development.

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