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Nimble Riviera PalaceFoshan

Sitting on 135,000 sqm land on Jinshang Road of east Daliang in Shunde, Nimble Riviera Palace is set to emerge as a residential development enjoying hilly surroundings and natural rivers with GFA of 500,000 sqm. The 48,000 sqm of Part A comprises 6 high-rise residential blocks with GFA of 200,000 sqm and a 4,000 sqm of convenient commercial and retail street. The 75,000 sqm of Part B offers several high-rise residential buildings with panoramic view.

Nimble RiversideQingyuan

Set in the well established location of Jiangbei New District, east Qingyuan with leisure resort park and Qingyuan university clusters nearby, Nimble Riverside is designed to be the new township in eco-garden residential living to enjoy fresh,new life in Qingyuan. The product mix offered includes residential blocks,villas and commercial buildings. Nimble Riverside will be developed in five stages. Stage 1 for sale is made up of 17 residential buildings of 27-32 levels and 4 commercial buildings of 3-5 levels; stage 2 under construction sees 146 duplex housing.

The Glory StarsZengcheng

Site area: 35,000 sqm        Gross floor area: 44,000sqm       Plot ratio: 1.08       Green Coverage: 30%

The Glory Stars is a low density commercial complex situated at the Xinxin Road of Yonghe in Zengcheng and close to Zhongxin exit of Guangyuan expressway. This development combines 4.5m high-stud office buildings and its comprehensive serviced commercial podiums. The commercial complex features 243 offices, 14,000sqm of commercial lots, dedicated F&B lots, boutique retail lots and other entertainment facilities. There are totally 9 buildings to be developed in two stages.

Nimble Splendid Pearl Zhongshan

Nimble Splendid Pearl is the Nimble group’s fourth venture in Zhongshan precinct following the successful development of Splendid Beautiful Sunny Garden, Splendid Gulf City and Splendid International Blossom Palace, and presents another quality housing choice to residents from Zhuhai city. The 260,000 sqm GFA development offers 18 blocks of 26-32 stories high-rise residential buildings with overall-designed landscapes of contemporary and minimal architectural style.

Nimble Four Seasons GardenGuangzhou

Site area: 33,000 sqm      Gross floor area: 70,000 sqm

Nimble Four Seasons Garden is located in Panyu and close to the Dashi metro station. This mixed development comprises two 23-story and one 24-story residential blocks with 2 lifts and 5 homes on one floor and a dedicated commercial hub. Each unit has a total of 3 bedrooms ranging from 90 sqm to 115 sqm. The commercial hub on 1-2 floor features retail shops along the street ranging from 40 sqm to 100 sqm with the total height of 9.5 m forming a walking street in the community.

Nimble Haiqin BayShantou

Nimble Haiqin Bay is located in Zhugang New Town, the core of Overseas Chinese Economic and Cultural Cooperation Experimental Zone Headquarters, covering an area of 24,200sqm with GFA of 89,000sqm. The development includes 5 blocks of high-rise residential towers and one apartment building which is well served by an abundance of amenities in the heart of the coastal residential community in Zhugang New Town. Building spacing is around 70m and landscaped greenery is over 30%.With square-shaped typology and southern orientation, the building has sufficient day light and good ventilation. One can enjoy himself/ herself of the fascinating coastal landscape.

Nimble Riverside MansionSihui

Nimble Riverside Mansion sits on 20,000 sqm of land in Huanggang Village, Dongcheng, Sihui. Being a boutique riverside development, it is designed with the Art Deco architectural style to provide occupants with unrivalled river view and tranquil environment nearby downtown. Each home is carefully designed with super large balcony. The product mix offered includes three-four bedrooms dwelling unit ranging from 87 sqm to 139 sqm which can be customized for different owners aiming to offer them with practical quality homes.

Jinxiu PeninsulaGuangzhou

Jinxiu Peninsula is a large-scale community elaborately developed by Nimble Group. This boutique development sits on 520,000 sqm land on the west coast of Nanpu Island with GFA of 1,000,000sqm, facing Bai’etan CBD across the river. Three different parts of Western,Eastern and Southern were developed stage by stage based on their location to add more attraction to the river view and landscape. The development sees homes with practical layouts ranging from 70-90sqm, 80-110sqm to 130-170sqm. Each home is carefully designed and situated to achieve the right balance between indoor living and outdoor landscaping.

Nimble Golden HarborGuangzhou

Nimble Golden Harbor, lying next to Jinxiu Peninsula, is a new upgraded version of Jinxiu Peninsula. Covering a floor area of about 330,000 square meters in an enclosing layout, the program consists of 22 18-33-floored buildings and a few gorgeous villas.

The buildings adopt romantic white French architectural style on the facade. The community, therefore, creates a large garden landscape with a dominantly European style, thus making itself a region with the elite river view villas enjoyed by its home households in Luoxi.

Splendid GentlefolkGuangzhou

Splendid Gentlefolk, sitting next to the Shawan Town government and adjacent to the Qiaonan area - a prioritized development region of Panyu District, is an elite community with rich cultural activities. This 40,000 sqm development with GFA of 140,000 sqm comprises nearly 1,000 dwellings including 11 residential buildings of 14-18 stories and a small number of villas. Splendid Gentlefolk, enclosed by high-rise residential buildings and villas in consistent with a scientific layout for modern life, enables wider living space and happier life attributable to its building density merely being 30% while greening ratio up to 30%.

Jinxiu Silver BayGuangzhou

Located at the core of the Southern China and occupying Sanzhixiang Watercourse in river view sections, Jinxiu Silver Bay is known as the masterpiece that Nimble has ever created in Guangzhou. With easy transportation, it takes only 10 minutes to get to those significant zones, namely, Pearl River New Town, CITIC plaza, Baiyun International Airport etc. The Silver Bay is renowned for standing along a 200-meter-wide river with a 500-meter-long private riverline and a 2000-meter-long river view corridor facing to the river. The villa, originating from natural sceneries surrounding Greek, has a Mediterranean touch that is quite fresh in Guangzhou, which can simply explain why the architectural works thus becomes the best example of river-view villas in the city. It is a miracle that the first batch of housings was sold out within three hours.

Jin Xiu International CityZengcheng

Jin Xiu International City, with vast and promising expanse of 1,000 mu (1 acre equals 6.07 mu), sits at the middle axle of cultural and business center in Zengcheng, a treasure trove of natural resources that are least-seen in metropolises, including lakes, hillsides and parks. It enjoys ready municipal supporting facilities for educational, cultural, commercial and living needs. Besides, it is readily accessible by trunk road and Metro Line 16. With an floor area of over 1.5 million square meters, among which are 20,000 square meters of central lake, the biggest international health center in Zengcheng, 100,000 square meters of European-styled commercial streets and thermostatic swimming pools, thus making Zengcheng the best spoken man for Superior, modern and comprehensive community.

Green Lake ResidenceZengcheng

Site area: 713,000 sqm    Gross floor area: 3,300,000 sqm    Plot ratio: 3.2    Green Coverage: 30-35%

Green Lake Residence is a large community which will be developed in seven stages. Boasting an abundance of lifestyle amenities and excellent living environment, this quality and liveable township is really a rare found in Guangzhou!

Splendid Tianlun GardenZengcheng

Splendid Tianlun Garden is situated on China National Highway 107 to the east of Jean Mall. Project components include 30 blocks of high-rise and low-rise residential tower and retail streets. The landscape is designed by Belt Collins HK with perfect combination of architecture and home designs.

Nimble Rhine GardenZengcheng

Site area: 97,540 sqm    GFA (some services inclusive): 317,900 sqm    Residential GFA: 223,600 sqm

Plot ratio: 2.5    Building density: 21.2%

Nimble Rhine Garden sits in the east bank of Zengjiang River, the mother river of Zengcheng. This development follows a layout of point distribution, which means homes are surrounded but not closed so that each home can enjoy a relative independent and wide space between buildings. This development will be a low-carbon cozy and livable community in an exquisite environment.

Jinxiu Hillside VillaZengcheng

Situated in the central ecological scenic spot in Zengcheng, Guangzhou, and built along a hill where trees cover 100,000 square meters, Jinxiu Hillside Villa boasts an original ecological environment. It is located in the central economic area, so you can enjoy urban supporting facilities in five minutes; it is close to Huashang College, so you can be immersed in rich cultural flavor; it has developed three-dimensional transportation, which connects Pearl River Delta. The program plans to build duplexes villas, townhouse, quadrangle villas and ecological view villas, which is the most ecological humanized residential area in central Zengcheng.

Jinxiu RegalcourtZengcheng

Located in the central of the new government of Licheng district, Zengcheng, Jinxiu Regalcourt has ready supporting facilities for everyday life, business, education and culture, which are included in a well-recognized selected program in Licheng district. It covers a floor area of over 700,000 square meters. In addition, it has won many awards such as “The Golden House Type in Guangzhou”, “Guangdong Model Residential Area” as well as “The Best-Selling Houses in Licheng District”.

Splendid Gulf CityZhongshan

Splendid Gulf City is located in the 5A tourist attraction - Cuiheng New District, Nanlang, Zhongshan, the hometown of great Sun Yat-sen.

Set amidst a natural mangrove eco-area and large wetland park, with the rolling hills of Wugui to the west and Lingdingyang to the east, the development boasts the perfect combination of superior natural eco-environment, cultural legacy of Sun Yat-sen’s hometown and a wide network of transportation. Designed with the respect to land resources and the concept of urban operation, Splendid Gulf City contains a variety of residential, villas, business convention centre,hot-spring resort and commercial, as an amazing place for leisure, travelling, vacation, and a healthy lifestyle.

Splendid International Blossom PalaceZhongshan

Splendid International Blossom Palace is located in Tanzhou, Zhongshan and served by the mainstem of Tanshen Road North with easy access to Zhuhai. The development features lifestyle amenities like themed park by lake, club, supermarket, KTV and bar street to address the residents’ staple needs.

Splendid Beautiful Sunny GardenZhongshan

Situated in Tanzhou known as a garden located in Zhuhai, Splendid Beautiful Sunny Garden occupies an area of 1,600 mu over one million square meters of communities, big or small. Joining hands with WY, U.S. and Belt Collins, it has created about 50,000 square meters of manmade lakes and mediterranean-styled gardens apart from supporting facilities, including commercial streets, clubs, swimming pools, schools and hospitals. Since its debut in 2005 with a cutting edge in competitive price, it is the winner of awards, “ The Best Livable Communities in Tanzhou”, “The Sales Champion in the City of Sun Yat-Sen” and “The Most Investable Real Estate in Zhuhai”.

Splendid Eminent BuildingZhongshan

Situated in Tanzhou New Town in Zhongshan and in the neighborhood of HK and Macao and about ten minutes’ drive away from Zhuhai, Splendid Eminent Building ranks as the sole key villa community by riverside in Zhuhai and Macao. This promising project will be poised to integrate itself into the regions where Zhuhai and Macao are accessible within 15 minutes after the completion of Taiyuan-Macao Highway, HK-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and Guangzhou-Zhuhai Railway. Designed elaborately by top international designer, it originates in internally-renowned mansions and villas, thus creating chief international villa community that is increasingly rare those days and opening up a new chapter for key villas and mansions in Zhuhai and Macao.

Splendid Property Rhine ParadiseZhaoqing

Seated at the core of eastern Zhaoqing and in the vicinity to Fairy Lake Seven-Star Cave, Zhaoqing, Splendid Property Rhine Paradise is picturesque with over 50 small high-rise buildings in European style dotting over a floor area of over 300,000 square meters. By fully exploiting the unique natural resources of Fairy Lake, this residence community follows in the footsteps of small towns in Mediterranean and is devoted to creating an elite society with the most European flavor in Zhaoqing by recreating elegant, harmonious and relaxing lifestyle in tiny towns by riverside in Europe.

Splendid Palm GardenSihui

Standing at the core of eastern Sihui, Splendid Palm Garden is backed by mountains and faced with an expanse of clean water. With an area of 450 mu and a total floor area of 500,000 square meters, it is composed of about a hundred townhouses, detached houses and garden houses, granting it as the chief elite community in European style in Sihui. Ever since its launch in the market, it has been much sought-after by purchasers from Sihui, Guangzhou, Zhaoqing and Foshan.

Nimble Spring GardenDongguan

With a total floor space of about 40,000 square meters and construction area topping 90,000 square meters, Nimble Spring Garden is located in Yinlang South Road, Dalang Town of Dongguan, opposite to Dalang Trade Association. As it presides over the beautiful scenery of Songshan Lake and the center of Dalang Town, it designates itself as a community of comfortable living for people in five towns and one district, namely Dalang, Changping, Huangjiang, Liaobu, Dongkeng and Songshan Lake District.

The surrounding area will witness increasing improvement in business, transportation and education, as the French hotel group Accor has decided to build a Pullman Hotel here and the light rail station of Dalang is about to operate soon. It is bound to have high-caliber residential communities and attract more profitable consumer groups when it becomes another flourishing commercial center only after Changsheng Plaza.

Splendid Glory BayShaoguan

Splendid Glory Bay is situated in Qianjin Road of Shaoguan, with Wujiang River to the south, a residential community called He Pan Ming Ju to the east, Wuliting Water Plant to the west and Huanggang Shan Mountain to the north. It boasts a floor space of 50,000 square meters, a construction area of 160,000 square meters and a residential construction area of 111,200 square meters. With the building density of 24.11% and plot ratio of 2.6, the community is sure to offer quality living by its splendid view and exquisite garden.

Splendid South Sea CityBaotou

Splendid South Sea City, covering an area of 1000 mu, is located in Donghe District of Baotou. It enjoys favorable geographical location as it borders the 5000-mu-South Sea Lake, lies against the rolling Daqing Mountain, faces the Donghe District Government to the north and neighbors the airport and the railway station. Perfectly in line with the physiognomy, it represents the quintessential eastern and western architecture. The first phase of project features Chinese style while integrating the elements of Europe; the second phase is characterized by European architecture with single-family villas, duplexes villas, townhouses and overlapping spell villas as its main products. The green-surrounding is assured by the plot ratio of 0.75, the building density of 16% and the green rate of 51%.