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Minjie CityZhaoqing

Minjie City is a new integrated mixed-development featuring offices, hotel, SOHOs, one-stop shopping mall, luxurious homes and recreation spaces. This development combines urban eco-landscaping, business, art performance and hotel convention center to deliver a cultural and ecological tourism paradise.

Modern urban operation design concept has been realized in Zhaoqing - that is the well-designed Minjie City in the New District. Minjie City stands out with the inclusion of a new six-in-one layout, allowing shopping mall, retail street, hotel, office, apartment and luxury residential tower to operate under one roof. With its product mix and the perfect combination of environment and economy, Minjie City has introduced a perfect platform of greeting guests to Zhaoqing city.

Nimble Western City CenterZhaoqing

Nimble Western City Center, which is located in the intersection between Duanzhou 7th Road and Qiaobei Road, is in the heart of western Zhaoqing. Spanning across over 60,000㎡ of land, this development is designed to build a landmark of the western urban area of Zhaoqing with GFA of 278,000㎡, offering upscale residential, SOHO, shopping mall and recreation facilities. This new mixed-use landmark development boasts a city plaza of approximately 10,000㎡, which will be the integrated leisure place anchored by retails, outlets and large F&Bs for residents and shoppers alike. In terms of office, Nimble Western City Center stands out with the inclusion of two blocks of multifunctional office building, which allowing business, office and investment to operate under one roof.

Nimble ·Golden Valley International Foshan

Located to the North of Foshan Ancestral Temple, and the West of Qiandenghu Garden Precinct commercial circle, Nimble· Golden Valley International, covering an area of 97,000 square meters, with a GFA of 438,000 square meters, is an Urban Complex Development that integrated residences, commercial offices and retail shops. Nimble ·Golden Valley International, the northern gateway of Chancheng City, is inheriting the tradition of hardware trading industry while improving the efficiency of land use, the industry and its supporting facilities. Nimble· Golden Valley International will be developed into a new business-friendly and livable city.

Sushang TowerTianjin

Set on the Marine Science and Technology Park in Tianjin Binhai New District and close to the exit of Beijing-Tianjian-Tanggu Expressway, Sushang Tower occupies a land area of 7,374.6 square meters and a GFA of 55,738 square meters. By the plan, the green coverage rate is up to 20%, and the floor area ratio is 5.5. Sushang Tower is a commercial and office complex, its ground and first floor were planned for retail shops with an area of 5,354 square meters, whilst from the second floor to the 25th floor will have 519 offices to be built.

Guangzhou Nimble PlazaGuangzhou

Located in the center of new town Wanbo CBD in Panyu and occupying an area of 470,000 square meters, Guangzhou Nimble Plaza stands out as a new urban complex, integrating highly-intensive establishments, including a platinum five-star hotel, a first-rate office building, a major urban neighborhood park, a shopping mall, a convention center and a serviced apartment. It will rank as an ideal assembly point that fulfills the needs of urban life, such as residence, business and office uses, shopping, cultural recreation, social communication and relaxation.

Luogang Splendid PlazaGuangzhou

Luogang Splendid Plaza is adjacent to Luogang government office building of Guangzhou on Shuixi Road offering an exciting mix of 5m high-stud apartment, shops and sunny-garden houses. This new-style urban mixed development provides a perfect platform to enrich your life in food, housing, travel, shopping and entertainment.

Location: In the vicinity to Huangpu government office, Luogang International Convention Center and International Performance Center, and with high-end developments nearby, businesses in this location will flourish.

Transportation: Metro Line 7 and 21 (Shuixi station) as well as Tram Line A2 will run past the development. Metro Line 21 is expected to open by the end of 2017 (over 50% has been completed); Metro Line 7 and Tram Line A2 are under planning. It is also well served by two access roads of Guangyuan Expressway and Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway.

Products: 5m high-stud apartments range from 50-110 sqm, some of which have 3 lifts and 7 homes on the same floor with gas cooking available to offer a cosy lifestyle. The sunny-garden houses next to government office are 325-402 sqm and shops 43-146 sqm. All products are popular.

Nimble Splendid PlazaGuangzhou

Standing in the center of Jinzhu New Town, Zengcheng, at the junction of Jinzhu Road and Fuqian Road and close to Zengcheng lychee garden, Nimble Splendid Plaza enjoys a wonderful living atmosphere and a comprehensive public supporting facilitates. It is a landmark of pioneering urban architectures created by Nimble as well as an urban complex that presents various dimensions of space.

With a construction area of 155,000 square meters, Nimble Splendid Plaza consists of a high-end serviced apartment and a top urban shopping mall. The apartment, covering about 30,000 square meters, soothes guests with modern and pleasant living space while the shopping center with 120,000 square meters combines state-of-art businesses with entertainment, thus offering urban residents high-end and modern life experience.