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Nimble Real Estate's  concept in doing business has always been "Build a dream home, Make a better life". In his effort to provide one-stop high-quality comprehensive services to his home owners, Guangzhou Nimble Education Investment Co., Ltd. (“Nimble Education”) was established to provide better education services. Currently, Nimble Education is mainly responsible for early childhood education. It has introducedadvanced teaching concepts and curriculum systems, offering the communities with high-quality, diversified education services. At present, Nimble Education has founded a number of chain kindergartens in such places as Panyu, Zengcheng and Zhongshan.

Incorporated in 2011 with focus on early childhood education, Nimble Education is a diversified education institute which integrates pre-school teaching, teaching materials research and development as well as training by foreign experts. Nimble Education cooperates with education institutes in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and many other countries, and adopts the world’s advanced teaching concepts and curriculum systems. Thanks to the research and practice of Chinese and foreign experts, Nimble Education has risen as a signature education brand featuring global, personalised, refined and smart education in China.

The kindergartens owned by Nimble Education employ a host of foreign teachers and hundreds of Chinese teachers with students from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, USA, Japan, Russia, Spain, Canada and other countries and regions. As many other international schools, classes of the kindergartens are all equipped with both Chinese and foreign teachers who work closely together to present tailored education and services to each kid in an attempt to meet their personalised needs and help them reach their full potential.

Nimble Education has set up chain kindergartens in many places like Panyu, Zengcheng and Zhongshan to meet the schooling needs of the kids in corresponding communities and surrounding areas and is committed to developing them into modern, high standard and quality kindergartens.

Nimble's kindergartens are fully equipped with high-end functional facilities and boast high green coverage; the expansive, scenic campuses also arrange reasonably and are full of fun. The campuses are divided into different areas of multi-functional playground area, large sports area, pastoral farm area, and art performance stage, etc. At Nimble kindergartens, we create opportunities to encourage the kids in greater participation, independent exploration, active expression, friendly cooperation and problem solving.