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Resource Strategy

Talent philosophy ——
 People are Nimble's mostvital asset and hold the key to our continued success.

Convinced that talent poolforms the bedrock of a corporation, Nimble becomes a magnet for competentpersonnel through various channels.

It starts by holding in esteem its each and every employee, anasset in its eyes, and by perfecting its talents incentivesystem to provide its staff with a stable stage for their further development.

Those with personalities of integrity, high sense of responsibility,teamwork spirit and hard-fighting attitude, gather together in Nimble. They aregallant fighters and more importantly, major contributorsto a centennial business.

Various channels for
career development

Horizontal channel:
Job Rotation is adopted within a department to allow the employees to develop and practice professional knowledge and skills of different tasks under the realm of their specialties.

Vertical channel:
Promotion: Position advancement is always open to those with outstanding abilities and accumulated rich experiences. That comes with more shares of responsibilities.

Cross-department transfer:
Job change is made available for employees to improve their overall professional expertise based on their abiliites, expectation and the needs of the company.

Assigned to subsidiaries:
After well-trained in the key projects launched in the head office and fully acquainted with the corporate culture, those qualified employees can be assigned to undertake managerial or technical positions in the subsidiaries of Nimble around the country or continue to work in the head office, taking into consideration their career planning and the needs of the company. Either is a way leading them to the final goal of becoming a professional manager.

Two channels
for career development

Professional Position:
Positions that need professional knowledge and skills to achieve job tasks.

Career planning:
Becoming an influential expert in the industry

Managerial position:
Responsible to develop and execute business development strategies, to organize and manage the team, as well as to implement performance targets of various departments.

Career planning:
Rank into the executive management level such as supervisor, manager or director, who can lead the team to achieve greater success.

Promotion mechanism

Advancement opportunities are always rewarded to those who deliver outstanding performance in personal qualities, working capabilities and professional achievements, an ultimate principle Nimble adheres to in promotion.  

Promotion decision is made based on one’s work performance, which takes full consideration the ability, , progress in work and results delivered.

Considering the broad space for further growth and its national strategies, Nimble also launches competition mechanism for some higher-ranking positions.

Talent pool is established within the company. Those with great potential can get access to priority development with intensive trainings, a way to evolve them into senior managers or professionals of Nimble.

Fixed pay:
Competitive fixed pay is offered regarding the position, ability required and potential contribution. Pay raise is accessible in a regular basis.  

Performance bonus:
  Yearly performance bonus is attainable at the end of the year based on one’s working performance throughout the whole year. It gives due recognition to employees’ productivity and contributions, and fully reflects the performance-oriented pay incentive.  

Social insurance:
  Social insurances including pensions insurance and healthcare insurance are offered according to the regulations and laws of the Chinese government.

 Paid Leave:
Apart from Statutory holidays, paid leaves, including marriage leave, maternal leave and paternity leave are offered according to the related regulations. Those with a 1-year-and-longer length of service are rewarded with a 5-day-and-more paid leave.

Leisure activities:
  With the purpose of enriching employees’ lives in the out-of-work time, various sports and recreational activities such as basketball matches, badminton matches and Ping-Pong matches, karaoke and travel are provided from time to time.

House-purchase benefit:
  Certain benefits are given to those who intend to purchase the house supplied by Nimble while taking into consideration the length of service in the company and the working performance of the employee.

Other benefits:
Several types of dormitories including singe room, double rooms and apartment are provided for free to employees at different professional levels (water and electricity bills are not included)
  Three meals a day for free.
  Communication allowance:Communication allowance is available according to the position ranking and the job nature.
 Transportation allowance:Transportation allowance is accessible in accordance with the position ranking and the job nature.